If you need to haul a gaggle of giggling kiddos, the Dodge Journey won't let you down. Styled for sensibility and equipped to shine in crowded situations, the Journey is the perfect solution for those needing a little extra breathing room in their vehicle. Here are a few interior features we at Pearman Motor Company find especially interesting.

For starters, the second- and third-row seats feature stadium-style seating, meaning they are set higher than the row in front of them. This helps everyone get a great view of what's outside in Alto, leading to more enjoyable trips for all. Additionally, the third-row seats are accessible from the left and right sides of the vehicle, allowing you to load and unload quickly, keeping you dry in the midst of that torrential downpour.

To find so much more to love about the Dodge Journey, stop by our dealership and explore the interior for yourself. You'll be thankful that you did.


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