It goes without saying that Jeep Compass has notable capability features. Such features are the hallmark of the brand, which is why Compass remains a very popular compact SUV. It goes from urban to outback without a glitch. Safety, tech and capability always get our Pearman Motor Company team members' attention. Here are two Jeep Compass capability features worth noting.

Excellent Undercarriage Clearance

Compass dominates any landscape thanks to a variety of reasons. One of them is its exceptional ground clearance. The undercarriage sweeps over just about any type of road or ground, never making contact. The result is a smoother ride and longer overall lifespan for your undercarriage and vehicle frame.

Wiper De-Icer to the Rescue

?Nothing makes driving in cold weather worse than iced-up windshield wipers that won't deploy when it starts sleeting. Compass' windshield wipers have their very own de-icers, a mechanism that heats the windshield bottom to keep ice and slush at bay.


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