The Chrysler Pacifica is an ideal vehicle for a teen who is learning how to drive. Thanks to its convenient safety systems for parking zones, the process of increasing reaction times during risky situations is easy while driving a Pacifica.

Regular, parallel, and perpendicular parking can be tough for any teen during the early training phases. When a teen practices parking in a Chrysler Pacifica, there is less stress because the standard safety systems provide convenient and peace of mind. For example, if a teen tries to maneuver the Pacifica into a parking space around obstacles, ParkSense will alert, and it will stop the vehicle if the teen has a slow reaction time. For complicated parking spaces, a teen can take advantage of the Pacifica's Parallel and Perpendicular Parking System. This is an assist tool, so anyone can learn how to implement advanced parking procedures as it guides the Pacifica into a parking space.

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