More Than Capable: The Jeep Renegade

Here at Pearman Motor Company, we are often asked to recommend vehicles that are capable of dealing with anything that the world throws at them. Of course, this usually results in us pointing people toward the new Jeep Renegade. With such a long list of capability features, it is no wonder that this SUV is one of the most popular in its class.

Alto-area drivers are likely to be especially impressed with the Renegade's ground clearance. When equipped with the Trailhawk trim, it offers a running ground clearance of 8.7 inches. This is more than enough clearance to take on rocks, stumps, branches, and other loose debris.

The Trailhawk Renegade is also more than capable of handling even the tightest of spots. With a 101.2-inch wheelbase and precise steering, it offers a turning diameter of just 35.3 feet - perfect for navigating through narrow gaps or twisting trails.



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