Jeep Compass Exterior Features 101

The new Jeep Compass been gaining a lot of praise from drivers. After its unveiling last year, the 2018 Compass started to become the hot item for SUV lovers who have been craving a compact style that is almost identical to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. With this brand, Jeep went a bit more rugged but didn’t skip on some of the modern design details, like the panoramic windows and aerodynamic sculpted finish.

There are also a ton of safety features included with the latest design, like the sideview cameras and rearview camera. These allow you to see outside the vehicle, getting alerts for blind spot monitoring and also parking guidelines. There are also plenty of other features you can upgrade, such as the body style and panoramic sunroof.

You can view all of the new features at Pearman Motor Company located in Alto, TX to see for yourself. You can get into a new Compass today.



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