Durability Features That Come With the New Ram ProMaster

In the market for a new cargo van? The team at Pearman Motor Company are excited to announce the new Ram ProMaster is here and packed with a number of durability features that have helped explode the popularity of this vehicle.

When you are hauling your cargo across town, you want to be able to rest assured knowing everything is safe in the back. The all-new Ram ProMaster has an antilock braking system that will reduce the incidences of skidding on the roads. When the brakes are depressed, power is distributed evenly so that the brakes cannot lock up and the vehicle stops more easily.

In an effort to give the driver of the Ram ProMaster an advantage, the van is designed in a way to allow the driver to see clearly far down the road. The combination of shorter front end, bigger windshield, and raised driver's seat, ensure maximum visibility.



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