The Dodge Challenger Has Professional Control and Handle Tools

While driving a Dodge Challenger throughout various areas in Alto, you'll never have to deal with control or handling problems because this automobile has practical tools for complicated situations on the road. The control features and handling tools are convenient and practical, and you can take advantage of both hardware options on traditional highways and rugged off-road trails.

On the road, you can drive a Challenger according to your driving habits after selecting a proper steering wheel. The Challenger has three steering wheel options; the designs include SRT, Performance, and Sport. Each steering wheel design operates differently; however, the hardware always functions efficiently with the electronic shifter, which is another tool that influences handling.

The electronic shifter is designed with TorqueFlite. This unique technology by Dodge gives the Challenger the ability to shift using an eight-speed transmission system with automatic hardware. An alternative six-speed option with manual functions is available as well.

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